Exclusive Audio Featuring Leader Jim Fraser

As promised, I am now posting the audio of experience and insight from leader Jim Fraser, a former president of Levi Strauss and Company, a top 25 realtor, and a councilman. His advice for young strivers is at 3:58, but the entire interview is filled with experience and insight. At under five minutes long, you have so little time to lose from listening and SO much to gain. Plus, this is my first dab into audio editing so feedback is extra appreciated. And if you do feel inspired by Jim, be sure to leave a comment–thank you’s to him  for his time and generosity with his expertise are especially welcome.




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3 responses to “Exclusive Audio Featuring Leader Jim Fraser

  1. Hey Lea,

    This is a great interview with a lot of value. It seems that today more than ever it’s become easier to succeed by taking the high road and working hard because a lot of people want instant gratification.

    How did you go about setting up the interview?


    • Hey Ryan,

      Yeah Jim has such great insight. His life epitomizes the importance of hard work and integrity and his success both as a business and community leader is inspiring. For the interview I wanted someone with these integral qualities and by asking around I was able to get his phone number and set up the interview.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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