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Video Interview with Law School Grad turned Leather Repairman Misak Pirinjian

The other day I was fortunate enough to catch up with Misak Pirinjian of Tony’s Shoe and Luggage Repair in Mill Valley, California. Over two decades ago, after attending law school and then working in the field, he left for the leather repair business and has become the go-to man. Bonus includes advice for maintaining goods.


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Two Lessons on Advocacy from Pedro

Over the weekend I watched Pedro, a biopic based on the short life of Cuban immigrant, AIDS activist, and MTV’s The Real World: San Francisco star Pedro Zamora. Due to its raw inspiration stemming from Zamora’s personal and societal battles with HIV—he was the first HIV positive person to be on television (and in a time of HIV ignorance no less)—this film is a must see. But regardless as to whether you see it or not, I feel compelled to relay two main traits—openness and passion—which Pedro demonstrates as having leveraged success for HIV awareness.

From the first scene on when Zamora is defending to his sister his decision to be honest about having HIV to The Real World we are introduced to how vital openness is to undercutting prejudices. Then by continually being his kind and fun self while also being honest about not only having HIV but also being gay, Zamora helped normalize the once alienated HIV and LGBT communities.

Also, throughout Pedro we see how critical passion is to pushing HIV awareness into mainstream. Even as his own health deteriorated Zamora continued his efforts until he ended up in the hospital, reminding everyone of the towering importance he ascribed to HIV awareness. As is human nature, this fervor spurred people to pick up the ropes. But sixteen years later, with new cases of HIV in the United States hovering at over 50,000 annually—a number that the CDC reports is roughly stable since the late 1990s—Zamora’s successful advocacy tools of openness and passion surely need more use.

Want to take action? Visit AIDS Action.

Need more inspiration? Watch Pedro through Netflix or buy it off Amazon and/or see part one of the tribute on YouTube.


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We Are Unique

I will be the first to admit that the internet is cluttered with thousands upon thousands of blogs, some which are fabulous and some which are, well, not as popular. So, you may be wondering, “what makes Success Strivers special?”  If that is what you are questioning, then great critical analysis skills (you probably know how important these are  when you are striving to beat the odds and find success) because indeed success takes innovation, and innovation takes deep understanding of what it is you are revolutionizing–whether it is your own life or that of the planet.  So I will get to the point and answer, Success Strivers is different from the rest of the blogosphere because of our unique approach to exploring and linking success. Blog posts here not only end with feedback (or hopes of it), they start with insight–from people like you.

In a nutshell, this means I personally will take the time to unveil things like what makes a leader click and how he or she is such a striver, all the while seeking advice and inspiration for you. When able to I will also share their idols, along with what the role of money is in his or her definition of success, whether he or she is happy, and does he or she feel that success has been achieved? The point to these somewhat personal and seldom publicly revealed answers, among others I may ask, is to inspire and reaffirm success in the striving community because we all have much to offer.

In sum, Success Strivers is worth your time because along with advice I use first-hand views to highlight the different roadmaps and spirits of success, which inevitably leads to personal connections. This is unique because other blog sites commonly discuss issues, and rarely delve into the people moving and shaking resulting decisions, along with how they got there. Plus, this candid approach to discussing striver’s experiences, goals, and insight, together with the networking bridge Success Strivers hopes to be makes this place unique, just like the podium that your striving self deserves.  So basically the logic for staying tuned is simple: with more information–like about success strivers and their approaches, we can decide for ourselves what it is that we are really striving for and which routes are best for us.

For more information please check out the About page, email me at, and/or keep checking back for updates, which I will post weekly.

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