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Four Lessons for an Effective Business Card

Even when you are a student and/or are looking for a job, it is critical to carry a business card because you must be prepared for all encounters. Here are four tips for creating an effective one even when your path may be a bit murky:

  1. Limit your strives to three in one to two words each. If you are not yet sure which pathway is your primary, consider alphabetically ordering them. For example: “Interior Designer, Journalist, Marketer.” The key here is for you to present yourself in a clear, organized, and concise fashion.
  2. Include as much contact information as possible. Email is so common these days—and should absolutely be on your card, but nothing replaces verbal conversation, so your number(s) should be on there also. If you do not have an office or postal box, then do not worry about an address.
  3. Consider including your picture. Particularly if you are really into networking then you probably meet many people; chances are that the person you are handing your card to does also. Make them remember you even more by being able to see you long after your meeting.
  4. Stay practical. Some people use shiny paper and have a mosaic or other details on the back of their card, but that is costlier and can prevent you from having a clean writing space. So be sure your card is in line with your pocketbook and style.

Ready to make your cards? You can do so for free if you have a program like Microsoft Word or software like Business Card Factory Deluxe (although you still must pay for printing and paper like from Avery). Websites such as Vistaprint and FedEx are also great resources.

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Luck in the Realm of Success

I know someone who was out one day, caught the eye of a casting agent, and quickly began a new life of auditions and then a move to Los Angeles. Within a few years she was already appearing on shows like 90210 and last I heard she was even starring in a low budget film. Okay, so she is not at the Emmy’s yet, but likely her talent and beauty will soon earn her star status. And then will it be fair to say luck opened up Hollywood to her?

Yes and no. Destiny, faith, an angel, whatever you want to call it–it only takes you far if you have the goods. And once you actualize your potential in what Abraham Maslow called the Hierarchy of Needs, which is security in physiology, safety, love/belonging, and esteem, then you should unconsciously attract the right kinds of people. And since you are reading this I assume you are a striver, which should make you confident in being yourself. This is because people want to be around goal oriented, detailed, passionate, hard working, and clear communicators—like you. So continually show how you possessing these traits can help fulfill the needs of others. If you are lingering in any of these areas, set an action plan to improve yourself. Include checkpoint days to monitor your progress, and be prepared to ask for advice from people who you feel excel at these capabilities. This will increase your chances of success, along with positioning yourself for lucky encounters.

Another tool for your striving toolkit that people often forget: patterns that are not yielding success should be halted (unless possibly tried under different circumstances). Contrarily, applications that are successful should be repeated. Most of us know this means staying organized and being around positive people, but some of the more specific ingredients are not so obvious. So, again, this commonly requires asking for help, which, again, can leverage you even more benefits due to the increased exposure. For example, consider suggesting  that you and an adviser or boss meet together on a consistent basis to brainstorm effective approaches to learning. More often that not he or she will be flattered for the offer, and will likely say yes because strivers know in meeting together there is much more to gain than to lose. Plus, he or she probably has feedback desires that this environment will nurture… and, of course, maybe he or she just likes the idea of spending more time with you. Whatever the reasons, I am sure you can see how such relationships are critical to success: they increase connection, knowledge, and, suitably, occurrences of luck.

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ALSO, what are some strategies helping you earn success? Please share your insight by posting a response.


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