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Learning How You Learn

With work, personal, and many other demands, it is critical to be as productive as possible; and understanding learning styles can help maximize efficiency. Below is an outline inspired by a class so you too can learn how you learn—to most effectively tailor to it.

Note: this is a recap of Learning Styles and Strategies by educators Richard Felder and Barbara Soloman and is reproduced with permission.

  • Active and/or Reflective
    • Active learners learn by doing things such as discussing or applying it
    • Reflective learners learn by thinking things through first
  • Sensing and/or Intuitive
    • Sensing learners tend to prefer facts, details, practicality, real world connections, and established methods
    • Intuitive learners tend to prefer discovering relationships and possibilities and tend to work faster and with more innovation
  • Visual and/or Verbal
    • Visual learners do well processing information through diagrams, sketches, photographs, and so forth
    • Verbal learners do well writing summaries, outlines, and listening to and explaining information, and the like
  • Sequential and/or Global
    • Sequential learners like linear steps that follow in logical order
    • Global learners like more random larger jumps to suddenly “get it”

Still not sure which style you are? Take this questionnaire to find out. Then become a part of the discussion, by relaying your learning preferences and what mediums teach you best.

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