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Guide to Getting the Most Out of Shoes

Whether it’s regarding quality, quantity, or something else, everyone wants to maximize the benefits of their purchases. To help strivers do so in the footwear arena, here are five tips for maintaining a healthy collection and financial budget:

1. No duplicates

Unless you are buying multiple colors of cute, comfortable, and versatile ones like from Joan and David’s luxe series for seventy-five percent off, stick with one of each pair. The logic: with the unlimited supply of new styles there is plenty to buy that are unique enough to have you wearing them a long time and never missing out when you want more.

2. You must see everything

There is no point to having something if you cannot easily spot it. That means see through containers are necessary—or at least have labels on each shoe box with the model, style, and color. You may do this as easily as through affixed post-its, but be sure your writing is bold enough to read and also that all of the shoes are easily accessible.

3. Venture into Repair Land

There was a time well after the dinosaur age when we had an instinctive response to fix things rather than buy anew. With the economic downturn and environmental concerns, reverting back to the shoe maker is becoming more attractive—and is a great way to rescue favorites. Just choose a merchant wisely and consider even testing a sample first.

4. For every one in, take one out

Many people stuff their closets with an unhealthy amount of footwear. So unless you have realistic sparing room—as in all are neatly in boxes or at least are in separate spaces, then for every new purchase give one away. Note: making space for new items by taking over your spouse’s closet is not an exemption to disposal.

5. Know your market

Chances are you never need another pair, but when you do likely get one, be smart. This means invest in line with both your budget and the occasion for use. Staying with Joan and David’s as an example, only purchase them if you a) will still have enough spending and savings money, b) will get multi-use from them and c) you absolutely demand them.

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Also, what strategies work best for controlling your shoe collection? Help the community by sharing your ways below.


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How To Never Forget Logins AND Keep Them Safe

With so many online banking, news, shopping, and other places to register at, you probably have racked up usernames and passwords to the point that you no longer remember them all. The “Forgot My Password” feature is good insurance against total losses, but is unnecessary. Here is how to never forget logins and keep them safe:

1. Do not use the same password for two registries. This is because many companies have breaches in privacy and if one account gets hacked into and that same information opens your others, then those others become at risk.

2. For less sensitive registries make things simple, like by changing these passwords only slightly from others. An example is using “Good1,” for one account, “Good2,” for another, and so forth.

3. To keep track of each registry, keep a folder of them on your computer or in any private place. Then every time you register for anything, write its information down and save it in that folder.

4. Password protect your registries folder if it is on a non-password protected computer–or if you want extra security. (Although if you do this consider backing up that password just in case you forget it.)

For information on password protecting a folder on a MAC click here and in Windows click here.

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