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How To Never Forget Logins AND Keep Them Safe

With so many online banking, news, shopping, and other places to register at, you probably have racked up usernames and passwords to the point that you no longer remember them all. The “Forgot My Password” feature is good insurance against total losses, but is unnecessary. Here is how to never forget logins and keep them safe:

1. Do not use the same password for two registries. This is because many companies have breaches in privacy and if one account gets hacked into and that same information opens your others, then those others become at risk.

2. For less sensitive registries make things simple, like by changing these passwords only slightly from others. An example is using “Good1,” for one account, “Good2,” for another, and so forth.

3. To keep track of each registry, keep a folder of them on your computer or in any private place. Then every time you register for anything, write its information down and save it in that folder.

4. Password protect your registries folder if it is on a non-password protected computer–or if you want extra security. (Although if you do this consider backing up that password just in case you forget it.)

For information on password protecting a folder on a MAC click here and in Windows click here.

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