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Five Places and Brands to Buy Fair Jewelery From

Many of us love jewelry, but worry about whether our purchases are fair trade and are produced in environmentally sustainable ways. It is true that some companies are fair trade and friendly to the environment, but do not pay for the certification because it costs money—and if you are one of those companies, then email me with what makes you just and I’ll add you to the below list. For now, here are five ethical places and brands:

  • Artisan Wedding Rings. According to their website, purchases here benefit fair trade abroad, living wages at home, and environmental sustainability. All wedding rings are very unique as well—with filigree designs, and the like. Read on here.
  • Celtic Jewelry. While they are of the same quality and company as Artisan Wedding Rings, Celtic Jewelry is more vast in their selection of jewelry kinds because they carry everything from beads to belt buckles to necklaces. Read on here.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive. Watch batteries cause waste, they leak, and so forth, but Citizen Eco-Drive’s are powered by light, and I’ve seen them even boast conflict free diamonds. They sell men’s and women’s, and have an array of styles. Read on here.
  • Ruff & Cut. Ruff & Cut is unique because not only do they have classy pieces, but ten percent of their proceeds go to non-profit partners. They sell men’s jewelry as well. Read on here.
  • Ten Thousand Villages. This is an established seller of fair trade jewelry, including collections, but also of home décor and other gifts. Plus Ten Thousand Villages prides itself on their relationships with artisans being based on mutual respect. Read on here.

There are many more fair trade jewelry sellers! Here is an insider list of resources and suppliers, here is No Dirty Gold, and here is an article that explores in depth “What Exactly is Ethical Jewelry?”


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